We Offer Some Of The Most Powerful Premium Healing Crystals For Your Anus

Everyone knows that the most powerful healing energy comes from the Root Chakra. Finding your celestial center is as easy as tapping into that energy source.

"Our mission here at Butt Crystals is to help you break through to achieve your greatest spiritual goals by relying on powerful crystal energy."

Sunwolf Donovan - CEO

All Natural

Our crystals are 100% genuine organic french mineralia composed of pure joyful energy

Powerful Benefits

Our crystals convey many benefits including ability to truly connect with other people on a spritual level

Phonetically Charged

All our crystals come pre-charged by being worn for a full day by one of our associates, for your convenience.


Choose The Crystal
That Will Unlock Your Soul



Your dreams, made into reality. Your heart, for all to bear. Renewal is perfection in all dimensions

  • Quantum active
  • Never apologetic

Starting at $199



Become who you were born to be. Desire. Strength. Duality of character. You can have it all.

  • Linear vibrationally active
  • Diligently energized

Starting at $299



Feel the raw intention inside of all of us. Feel the connection to the human spirit. We are all one.

  • Interference waves
  • Akashic provenance

Starting at $399


Who are we? We are who we were born to become.

Butt Crystals are more than just delicate crystals for your perfect anus. They're a lifestyle. They're innumerably unquantifiable.
We all want to be loved, but, why? Is it because our spirits lack the strength to harmonize on the astral earth? It's because to love is to make the soul sing.
Who among us will cast the first stone? We are all the friend of that which is divine. Butt Crystals are the connection to an ancient power.

Imagine a world

Imagine smooth tingles for your perfect hands. Imagine a crystal helping cleanse you of the filth of your conscience. Imagine the purity of the spiritual world. Butt Crystals bring it to life.

Pure sprituality 100%
Vibrational crystalline 76%
Doubtless power 90%
  • 1
    Who else but your lover's lover can tell you who you could become?
  • 2
    Harmonious energy pattern for all activities
  • 3
    Quality in every dimension imaginable
  • 4
    Spiritual purity beyond any compare
  • 5
    Evolvative for your own growth. Find yourself in the place you belong
  • 6
    Depth of character that we are destined to become

We strive to achieve satisfaction in our lives, but it's only possible with an ancient connection to the spiritual past.

Collectively achieve our full potential through solidarity of crystal vibrational activity

  • Find promise among the stars
  • Take up your freedom and become happy
  • Awaken the soul
  • Feel the Light of Tolerance enable your infinite success
  • Open your eyes, to see with ease

Read Our Customer Testimonials

Our customers are fulfilling their destiny in ways they have only ever dreamed. A flash in the pan, made real, by the power of wearing our crystals every day and every night.

They have a way of changing your life forever. They are woven into every facet of your existence. They are precious to every one of us. To truly embrace your anus, you must also embrace your butt. Hurry, before your consciousness is consumed.
Ashley Johnson
Not only did they change me physically but they also changed my life spiritually and mentally. Without the crystals, I would still be a disabled tramp walking around. Those from whom I've sold the crystals to on Facebook, I can say unequivocally they've never regretted it. I can't say the same for the people I've sold the crystals to online. We are a very eclectic, meaningful and on point community.
Marsha Bru
They play a role in your body's healing. "The vibrations of their flesh are associated with cancer and detoxification of the body," says Dr. James P. Groun, an American pioneer in butt imaging. "Our research shows that they protect us from brain injury and even dementia. The presence of these clear clear crystals in the butt is a good reminder that all bodies are linked to all other bodies, and that there is more that unites us than divides us.
Roy Adams
These crystals are at the core of one of the earliest forms of consciousness, the yogic visionary tradition. They are profoundly complex (rare in the modern world) and the only truth we can have about them is what we make of them. The most important outcome of our spiritual practice is to come to a place where we can be in the Presence of all the Light that is God. When we perceive the crystal in this way, we expand our awareness so we see our real life as it is—the whole cloth that is the Universe.
David Anderson
These powerful healing crystals changed my life. I lost about 10 pounds and my breathing and blood pressure went back to normal and I was doing better than ever. It doesn't get better than this!
Lindsay Douglas
Our bodies are meant to function on a very low electricity level. It's important for us to stay in harmony with our bodies. When we awaken, we change. This not only impacts our emotions and brains, but our health as well. Through our spiritual crystals, and the experience of connecting with the earth's power, we are allowing the body to heal and the heart to open. By controlling our own energy, we have much more control over our emotions and experience. These crystals have strengthened my mind, my body and my relationships with others.
Devon Christensen

Crystals We Have Known and Loved

Crystal Associates

We're collectively only as infinite and spiritual as our team. So here are the beings which help you find your perfect future.


Jason Whitelong

Class 4 Crystal Guru


Veronique Novak

Soul Activator


Chris Zimmerman

Licensed Galactic Healer


Joanna Miller

Professor of Ancient Practices


We're passionate about helping you find your spiritual center

Our crystal vibration guides reveal more about your immediate surroundings and allows you to focus with more efficiency.Crystal vibration energy is gathered from some of the world's most highly experienced crystal mediums – other channeled energy guides, diviners, mediums, and teachers. The whole purpose of having crystal vibration guides available is to bring a glimpse of their Divine Presence into the world

  • Everything you will feel has an immediate direct positive impact
  • You will become a member of a pure collective connected by your heart